Review Policy

Welcome Authors, Publishers, and Publicists! I’m honored that you would like to share your book with me. 

I am currently open to accepting books for review consideration.  Before requesting a review please note the following:

Preferred Genres

  • Young Adult
  • Fantasy
  • Sci-Fi
  • Contemporary

If a genre is not listed above, I may still consider a book for review, but only if the synopsis interests me.

Accepted Formats

  • physical copy (hardcover or paperback)
  • e-book (must be compatible with Barnse & Noble Nook or Google Books)

What to Expect

I will do my best to respond to every request that is sent to my email within 7 days, whether I am accepting the book for review or not.

If I have accepted a book, you can expect a review within 2 weeks from the date I have received the book, unless otherwise stated.

Full Disclosure: If I have accepted a book for an honest review, I will be posting a review regardless of my opinion being negative or positiveThat said, I will never purposefully bash an author’s work and instead, negative reviews will focus more on constructive criticism along with things the author did do well.